Swaddling newborns is fantastic for offering comfort, calming, and controlling the startle reflex. But them comes a time when you need to move your little one to arms out. Here are my tips on how and when to do it.

You will know your baby is ready to move to arms out when –

They start rolling or are showing signs of rolling.
At 5.5 months. RedNose recommends moving to arm out before 6 months.

Moving from an arm in to arms out is doesn’t have to be hard:

  • On Day One put 1 arm out for all of baby’s naps.
  • On day two put 1 arms out for all naps and half of the night. You will put the arms back in if baby wakes during the night.
  • On day three put 1 arm out for all naps and all night.
  • Then repeat over three days with 2 arms out.

You can ready my recommendations about sleeping bags here.
They are a great option.
You can also head to the RedNose website for great safety advice.

Is your little one about to move to arms out? Let me know if you have any questions.

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