Have you ever tried to settle an overtired newborn to sleep? It is not easy. Awake times for newborns are so important. Using awake times prevents newborns becoming overtired.

1-3 weeks – 1 hour
3-6 weeks – 1 hour 15 minutes
6-9 weeks – 1 and ½ hours
9-12 weeks – 1 and ½ hours -1 hour and 45 minutes
16 weeks – 2 hours

Tired signs are also a great way of preventing overtiredness in a newborn. Tired signs include

✨Jerky arms
✨Distant look
✨Red appearance on eye brows and under eyes
✨Ear and hair pulling

If your baby is Grizzling they are getting overtired. If your baby is crying they are very tired.
The problem with tired signs is they can happen very fast. If you use awake times you are less likely to have an over tired baby.

If you someone with a newborn that this could help please share this with them.

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