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What is Cat Napping?
Cat napping is generally when a little one is struggling to link their sleep cycles. This means instead of falling back into a deep sleep they will wake up unable to settle back to sleep.

What Can Cause Cat Napping?
There can be many reasons for this. One is the dreaded four month regression. The Four month regression is when your baby develops sleep cycle. During the day the sleep cycle will be about 40 minutes and over night 2-3 hours.
Another reason is they rely on assistance to fall asleep. This is a sleep association. It can be white noise, being rocked, cuddly and so on. This means when your baby comes out of a sleep cycle they need their sleep association to help them back to sleep. If the sleep association is a cuddly or white noise that is something you can have with them already. If it is you needing to pat or rock them they will need you to do that to put them back to sleep at the end of each sleep cycle. Here are some other ways positive sleep associations can be helpful.
Another reason could be noise. If it is noisy and they are in the light sleep part of the cycle they will wake. It may be habit.

If your little one is waking at 20 or 30 minutes it is most likely because they are overtired. cat napping and struggling to link sleep cycles will be about 45 minutes.

How Can Stop my Child Cat Napping?
Cat napping is a common sleep problem. However I can help your little ones learn to link their sleep cycle through a personalised sleep plan. When helping your little one learn to link sleep cycles we need to make sure they napping at the right time, they have good sleep associations. Ensure their sleep space it set up for great sleep and much more. To find out more contact me.

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