Some of us co-sleep by choice and some do it because at the time it is only thing we can do to get some sleep. So, what can you do if you co sleeping but don’t really want to? You have a couple of options depending on their age. So here are so tips to get your child out of your bed.

In a Cot –

Often I see where a child starts the night in their cot but then move to your bed during the night. Often they wake after the first big sleep cycle between 1030pm and midnight. When they wake instead of bringing them into your bed try to settle them in the cot. You can settle with patting, shushing, a cuddle if needed to calm. It will tough at first, but it is important to stay consistent. With consistency you should see improvement in a couple of days.

In a bed –

If your child is in a bed they may get out during the night and want to get in your bed or want you to get in their bed. To get them back into their bed you could try using a reward chart. You can also try sitting next to their bed to comfort them back to sleep and then over the next couple of weeks gradually moving away from the bed.

Before the change –

Before implementing the change to your little ones settling it is important to ensure their day routine is suitable for their age. It is also important to ensure they have positive sleep associations in place. You can read more about sleep associations here. We want to set our children up for success and to do that we have to take a holistic approach.

This can be a big change for our little ones. I am here to help with a consultation to make it easier. You can contact me via email or phone 0400319626.

Do you co-sleep with your little one?

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