As you know daylight savings is ending soon to help your little make the transition easier you can gradually move all of their routine forward 15 minutes until you reach an hour. I recommend you do this over a few days doing 1 or 2 days on each step.

For example if bed time is 6.30pm step one you will move bedtime to 6.45pm, step two 7pm, step three 7.15pm and step four 7.30pm, this will mean when you move your clock back on Sunday 4th April 2021 bedtime will be back to 6.30pm.
But remember you will need to move all parts of their routine, naps, meals etc.

Babies daily biological clocks or rhythms are regulated by when they feed, sleep and when they are exposed to light and darkness, so by moving their exposure to these things by 15 mins we help them to gradually adjust their biological clock.

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