When I was pregnant and waiting to become a mum for the first time I thought I knew what was coming I mean I had worked in early childhood for 8 years I thought I knew what I was in for. I was prepared for the lack of sleep, the crying, the baby that would take all of my time but the one thing I was not prepared for was all the self-doubt and the lack of confidence. Even if some had of told me that I probably wouldn’t have believed them, I can still remember the feelings as if it was yesterday and my stomach still goes into a knot just thinking about it. I definitely felt this with after all of my babies but I felt it the most with my first. I can remember always questioning myself was I doing it right, did she need a feed, am I feeding her too much, every decision I made I would over analysis. The one I remember the most was the very first time I went out with her on my own, I wasn’t meeting anyone I just had to go to the shops and get a few things. The whole way into town I cried, I was nervous and completely overwhelmed. As drove in I just kept telling myself just park get the pram out put her in and walk, I repeated it over and over, and yes that is exactly what I did and everything was fine. I just had no idea that my confidence would take just a blow, of course overtime it all got better. I think as new Mum’s and Dad’s we all get a bit of a shock of how life can change with a new little one. Is there something that you were completely not prepared for as a new parent?

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