From 6 months of age you can introduce cooled boiled water to our babies. However, some babies are not as keen as others to drink water. Here are a few tips to encourage our littlies to drink water.

Not in a bottle

Give the water in something other then a bottle. If they are use to having warm milk in a bottle cool water can be a bit of a shock. You have a few options to give water Sippy cup, drink bottles with straws, no spill, free flow. Getting water out of no spill cups can be hard so starting with a free flow cup can be a good place to start.

Try something free flowing

You can try giving water off a spoon or open mouth cup to get them use the taste of water.

Meal times and in between

Offer water with all meals, put the cups to their mouth, but also leave it on the highchair for them to try themselves. You can also offer water between meals when they are not hungry.

Keep trying. Babies often won’t drink much to begin with and that’s okay; they’ll gradually drink more. Don’t be tempted to give up and offer fruit juice instead, or it will be very hard to switch back to plain water later.

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