Has anyone ever said to you ‘never wake a sleeping baby’ or ‘if they don’t sleep no they will sleep better tonight’

People say things with good intentions, however both of these statements are not true. If we never woke a sleeping baby or toddler you could be potentially have a baby that is awake for extended periods in the middle of the night or they may not go to sleep until 10pm, or they could refuse their lunch nap.

On the flip side if your baby or toddler doesn’t have good naps during the day or goes to bed too late this means they become overtired meaning they might be extremely difficult to get to bed, and then once they are in bed asleep they stir a lot and have an unsettled night or cat napping during the day and it also means they are more likely to get up early the in the morning.

It can be really difficult to know exactly how much sleep your little one needs and when they need it. If you need help with this you can message me or email me on littlezzz@outlook.com.au


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