Does your little one has a night light? Two of my children have night lights and I leave a hallway light on. I hate the dark, I’m a sook so I have always had little night lights around. There is nothing wrong with having night lights, however, I do have some recommendations. So here they are.

When to use a night light:

You can use a night light for a variety of reasons including a fear of the dark, to help when feeding overnight, to help find dummies overnight and much more.

A fear of the dark can happen around from around 2 years, read on to find out the best type of night light.

Picking a night light:

When picking a night light for your little one’s room the most important thing to think about is how bright it is. You want a dull and simple light. The light should not be bright enough to read in. Just light enough to offer comfort. There are some many different night lights on the market, pick one that is simple and does just what you need it to, be a light.

When to not have a night light:

I recommend not having a night light under 18 months, if you do have one make sure it is as dull as possible. The reason I don’t’ recommend a night light if they don’t need it is because having a dark room makes it easier for your little one to settle to sleep.

Tell me what night light do you use?

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