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Hi I am Maryann Wild 

I am a fully certified sleep consultant, I also have a Bachelor of Teaching birth to 5 years. I have worked in early childhood education for 14 years. Working with children from birth to 5 years is my passion. I have a strong understanding of child development and the need of good sleep to ensure children are able to grow and develop.

I also have 3 beautiful children of my own. Having my own children and having been through my own times of sleep deprivation, this allows me to have emathy for the families I work with.  Having children is  the most amazing thing it is also the hardest thing and I believe having support around you makes the world of difference. 


I am based in Parkes NSW in Australia and I am excited to be able to provide a service to our area that previously families had to travel to Canberra or Sydney to receive. I also work with families via the phone and email consultations which means you can live anywhere in the world. I love being able to help families across the country. 

If you need support with your child’s sleep check our the services I have to offer you. 


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Parkes NSW, 2870

Phone: 0400319626

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