When a baby is born often all the focus goes to the new baby, making sure they are growing and thriving. Now don’t’ get me wrong of course the health of the baby is very important, but so is the mental health of the Mum. This not just important for the first child, or for when they are newborns. This is important always. So if you are a Mum and not feeling yourself what can you do? You can talk to your partner, your GP, or community nurse. I will never forget the way I felt particularly in the first few months of all my children’s lives, nothing could have prepared me. It is not easy to ask for help, but wow it makes a difference when you do. The smallest steps can help, check out some more tips here.

What can you do if you know a Mum who may need some extra help? You can call around say hi, offer to look after the baby why they have a nap, drop off a meal, recommend they see their GP or check out some online help.

I found some really good websites that can offer support for all parents. Check them out. Let me know if they helped you.





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