Having a baby is a delight, but it can be quite challenging at times, especially when they are out of routine. I understand we have things we need/want to do that can cause our little ones to be out of routine. You may have an appointment, a catch up with friends or family and the list goes on. It is impossible and probably unhealthy to stay home everyday. I believe in the 80/20 rule. Try to be in routine 80% of the time and it is okay to be out routine 20% of time.

I have got some tips to help for when you are out of routine –

One or the other

If you are going to be out for the lunch nap, then try to be home for an early bedtime. If you are going to be out late of an evening then try to home for the lunch sleep. Trying to just do one or the other will help prevent them being too overtired.

Offer sleep out and about

Some children will nap anywhere, while others will only sleep in their own bed. If you are out for a nap time try to offer them their nap in the pram or take a porta cot. The morning nap and late afternoon nap are great ones to be done on the go.

Take it all with you

When sleeping out and about take all the sleep associations. Take the cuddly, the sleeping bag, the white nosue, the dummy and so. This will make it much easier for them to go to sleep on the go.

It is okay to be out of routine sometimes, do the best you can and then the next day start again. You are doing amazing!

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