With everything we have going on this time of year it can be hard to avoid interruption to our little ones routines. Whether you are travelling or attending Christmas parties. We are often busy and out and about.
Here are some tips that can help to make it easier.

✨Maintain your routine

Try your best to have sleeps and bedtime at the normal time. This will help to ensure your little ones are getting the sleep they need. Maintain your routine also means keeping your rituals where you can. If you normally do bath, book, song before bed continue this while you are away. Doing this will help your child feel comfortable in a new or different environment. Sleep is important to help your child develop, grow and health. Read more about the importance of heath here.

✨Take things from home

If you are going to need your little one to have a sleep while you are out. It is a great to take any sleep associations you can with you. This could include comforters, white noise, sleeping bag, cuddly. If you are going somewhere you can use a portable cot take the sheets off their bed at home with you. This will provide some comfort and familiarity.


Try to keep bed time before 7pm. Especially if they have had a day’s full of adventure and excitement and had shorter naps. This will help ensure they still get good consolidated sleep overnight. Often if our child goes to bed overtired it can cause  more night wake ups and an early morning.

✨The darker the better

If your child is sleeping in a new or unfamiliar environment keeping the room dark will be a huge help. You can make a room dark using black out blinds. You can get some great ones that come with suction caps to take on holidays. Another option is to take some foil. All you need is a spray bottle with water and the foil will stick to the window keeping the rooms dark for your little one to sleep. Read more about setting up your child’s room for great sleep here.

✨Keep doing what you are doing

If you have recently dropped a night feed, try not to resort to giving it back to them to settle them to sleep. Instead try some shushing and patting to settle them.

Try to relax and enjoy the festive season. If things don’t go to plan it is okay you can always try again tomorrow or when you get home.

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