This week we are looking at what to do when your little one starts rolling over. Once your little one starts rolling you may need to make some changes to where and how they sleep. Check out my tips below.

What is classed as rolling?

Rolling is when your little one can go from back the front, or front to back unassisted. This can happen around 4-5 months. Some bubs will do it a little earlier, some will do it a bit later.

What happens if they are rolling?

Firstly, if your little is swaddled arms in, it is time for those arms come out. By moving the arms out, it allows your bub to lift their head in they roll over while they are asleep. If you need some help moving to arms out let me know.

Next, if they are in a bassinet you want to move them to a cot. If they try to roll over in a bassinet it can end up with their little face against the side of the bassinet. A cot gives them more space and is safer once rolling.

Another things to consider are using a sleeping bag to remove the need for blankets in the cot. An arms out sleeping bag allows them to roll safely with out worrying about blankets. Read more here about choosing a sleeping bag.

What if they roll in their sleep?

Once baby can roll confidently from front to back, and from back to front, continue to settle them on their back, but allow them to find their own natural sleeping position. Once baby is able to roll in both directions, it is not necessary to wake during the night to turn baby over to the back position.

Finally give your baby extra tummy time when they are awake to practice their new skills and strengthen their neck and upper body muscles. Does your baby roll when they are asleep?

Happy Sleeping
Maryann xx

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