Winter almost here and the illnesses are already here. I have talked to so many families lately whose littles ones are unwell from a range of different illnesses. I wish I had a magic answer to help while they are sick but unfortunately I don’t. I do have some tips to help and what to do once they are feeling better.

Comfort when they are unwell –

When your little one is unwell they may need some extra comfort. This might mean they need extra cuddles, to be patted , they may just want the comfort of knowing you are close by.

Milk feeds-

When your little one is sick they may need extra milk feeds or water. This may be overnight or during the day. This will help them to stay hydrated. It may also be for the extra comfort.


When a little one is unwell it is very normal they will need extra sleep. I recommend you follow their lead and allow then to sleep longer if needed. Rest is how our gets well again.


It is very normal for your little one to have extra night waking when they are unwell and need the extra support. I know it is hard as the parent, you are doing amazing.

Once they are well –

Once your little one is well you can go back to your normal routine. It can be a bit hard the first couple of days and night. Try to be consistent with the routine you were using and using the same settling they were doing before they became unwell. With in a couple of days they will be back to sleep great.

Sleep training-

If you are sleep training and your child becomes unwell, pause it. It won’t work if they are unwell. If you working with me I will always pause our support time when your little one is unwell and restart it when they are well again. Once they are well you can go back to sleep training, but it is important they are well.

What if it all falls apart –

Sometimes when our little ones are unwell it can be really tough to get them back on track. They can be use to the extra support they needed. This can happen for a number of reason, it can depend how long they were sick, how sick they were and many other factors. But never worry I am here to help. You could book a phone call to get it sorted or maybe you need a consultation. That is what I am here for.

I hope your little one is well and if they are unwell I hope everyone is coping w

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