As your little ones learns to roll it may interrupt their sleep. Check out my tips below to help.

Arms Out-

Once your little one is rolling it is time to move to an arms out. You can move to arms out gradually doing one arm at a time. Moving to arms out ensures if your little ones rolls in the cot they are able to lift their head

Give them Time –

When your little one starts to roll and move around they will do this in the cot. It may take them a little longer to wind down to fall asleep. It ‘s okay just give them the time they need. If they are happy leave them to it. To help make it a bit easier make sure they have all their sleep associations.

Safe Sleep –

Once your little one is rolling confidently back to front and front to back you can let them sleep on their tummy. Still put them to bed on their back and let them find a position that is comfortable for them.If they are only just start to roll I recommend you roll them back on to their back.

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