Hope you are all well. I know many of us are dealing with illness if you have a sick little one read this blog with tips to help.

This week we are looking at food and sleep. Looking what your little one is eating can have an impact on your little one’s sleep. Check out my tips below.

Great food for sleep –

  • Tryptophan rich foods support sleep. These foods are turkey, chicken, canned tuna, nuts, oats, kidney beans, eggs and dairy. Increasing Tryptophan improves sleep because it increases both serotonin and melatonin.
  • Protein is great because it helps to stabilise blood sugar levels which reduces night waking. Protein rich food are red meat, lentils, cheese, seeds, yoghurt and tofu.

Ready to go meals –

Having a few meals in the freezer ready to go on those nights you are running late or just having nothing in the house. This is a great idea because we know an overtired child is not a fun child. Have a couple of child size portions cooked ready to be heated you can quickly grab out. You could cook some yourself or there are some great ones in the freezer section of the supermarket. You can also use the pouches on the shelf.

Tips around food-

  • It is normal for children around 12 months to slow down on how much they eat.
  • Children under 3 years of age can self-regulate their energy/food intake.
  • Over 12 months giving to much milk can hinder food intake and motivation to try new food. Over 12 months we want food to be their main source of nutrition and calories.
  • Having rituals around food can help if you are having trouble getting your child to eat. e.g. eating meals around the table, having an adult eating with the child, having child help cook.

Food can add an extra layer to parenting, there are lots of great resources out there with food ideas.

I would love to hear what your fav go to meal is?

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