I want to share with you my tips on when to do your little one’s naps. There are some times that can make it easier for your little one to settle to sleep and help make all of their sleep better.

Under 17 weeks –

If your little one is under 17 weeks I recommend using awake times. You can read all about awake times here.

5 months and over –

Now depending how old your little one is they may be having anywhere from 3 naps to 1 naps. This does not change the ideal times.
Let’s start with the morning nap, this nap is best started between 9am and 945am. If it is started before 9am it can encourage early morning waking and if started after 945am it is getting too close to the lunch sleep.
The lunch sleep is best started between 12pm and 1.30pm. If before 12pm it may be too early meaning it they will likely be overtired in the afternoon. After 1.30pm would be too late they will wake too late interrupting night sleep.
If your little one is having a 3rd sleep it is best started between 4pm and 4.30pm. This nap is at a very hard time for babies to settle independently, this is a great nap to do on the go in the pram or carrier.

Now just remember these are very general if you are something specific to suit your family contact me and I can help do that.

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