So how to do you choose the right consultation for you?
I offer 3 main consultations, email, phone and in home.

Email Consultation

This consultation is budget friendly, and it is quick to start.  An email consultation is perfect for a change in routine, early morning wake ups,cat napping and any other sleep problems you are having. The email consultation includes a comprehensive sleep assessment. A Personalised sleep plan and 2 weeks of email support. I am able to write a plan that will suit your family, child and parenting style.

Phone Consultation

The phone consultation is great for more complex issues. Such as sleep associations, night waking, self settling, co sleeping and any other sleep problems you are having.
This is a personal and in-depth consultation. It includes comprehensive sleep assessment. A personalised sleep plan, 2 phone consultations and 2 weeks email support.

In Home Consultation

This consultation is me in your home with you implementing your personalised plan. This consultation suits any sleep issue you have or any support you need.
An In Home Consultation includes, a comprehensive sleep assessment done, a review of your child’s sleep space, a personalised sleep plan, a home visit, phone call after visit and 2 weeks of email support. This allows families to get support and help with in your own home.

Can I book a consultation with newborn?

You can book a consultation from birth to 5 years. If you book a consultation with a newborn I can help with gentle soothing, awake times, cat napping sleep environment and setting up good sleep associations. You can also book a Newborn information pack with a phone call. This is great for any new parent who wants to be prepared. The phone call can booked to ask as many questions as you need. At this age we do not set routines and we all settling techniques are gentle. 

4.5 months to 5 years

From 4.5 months on wards we can setting up routines, work on self settling, night routines, night waking, sleep associations, early morning waking, we can work on any sleep problems. I work with families to set up plan to set up a plan that works for family, their parenting style and the child’s age and personalty

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