Night Time Waking

This is probably the topic I get asked about most. Night time waking can happen for so many reasons. I have got a couple of tips for you-

• Is your child getting to much day sleep, if your child sleeps too much during the day they will wake for extended periods overnight, they won’t be upset they will just be awake. If this is the case try making naps shorted, if they are on 2 naps make the morning nap shorter if they are on one nap make it shorter.

• However if your baby is not getting enough sleep they will become overtired and this can also cause night time waking. If your child is overtired try an earlier bed time 6/6.30pm. If your child has missed a nap or had a really short nap you may even need a 5.30pm bedtime.

• What your baby has for dinner can also disturb their sleep. When introducing new foods try to do it at lunch or breakfast. Keeping dinner vegetarian can also help.

• Protein is great for helping your little one sleep, protein will help to stabilize blood sugar levels reducing night wake up. Try and have your protein at lunch if having meats. Protein comes in many forms meat, cheese, yoghurt, eggs etc.

These are just a few tips. It is important when we look at our little ones sleep we look at the whole day, the whole child.

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