This week I want to look at safe sleep, but more specifically safe sleep equipment.

Let’s start with the cot –

The safest place for a baby to sleep is in a cot or travel cot. Did you know all cot and travel cots in Australia must meet the current Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 2172 and AS/NZS 2195). They will have a sticker or label that states that it complies.

Next up is the Bassinet –

Bassinets actually don’t have a to meet an Australia safety standards so if you plan on suing one it is important to know what to look for.  Make sure it has a sturdy bottom and wide stable base to make sure it can’t tip over. Make sure the sides of the bassinet are at least 300mm higher than the top of the mattress base. Makes sure it has a firm, flat mattress that is the correct size for the bassinet, and the mattress should be no thicker then 75mm. finally it needs good breathability zones on four of the side to provide ventilation and reduce the risk of suffocation.

What goes in the sleep space-

Well, the short answer is as little as possible. All your baby needs is a sheet that fits securely over the mattress and if they need a blanket it needs to be tucked in also. Sleeping bags can reduce the need for blankets making the sleep space even safer. RedNose recommends no pillows, no donnas, no bumpers, really just little as possible.

Around the sleep space-

Have look around the cot and make sure they can’t reach any cords, leads, curtains or anything they can pull into the cot. You can read more of my tips about how to set up your child room here.

We all want our babies to safe while in bed these are a few tips to help. The RedNose website has heaps of free resources head over and check them out.

What does your little one sleep in?

Maryann xx

P.S. Don’t forget this month 5% on all my Little ZZZ income is going to RedNose. You can also donate here.

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