Did you know that your child’s room can have a huge impact on their sleep. When you look at your child’s room their is a few things you should look at

Make the room Dark


⭐️Firstly the room needs to be dark! And when I say dark I mean dark, their should be no light coming into the room. This may mean you need to get some block out blinds, put foil on the windows or do whatever you need to. This includes night lights, their is no need for your babies to have night lights until they are over 2 years and I would only recommend them if they have a fear of the dark. If you have light in your child’s room it can make it harder for them to go to sleep, when the room is dark your body produces melatonin, which is the hormone that helps us to go to sleep.

Keep it Simple


⭐️Next keep the room simple, we do not want the environment to be over stimulating we want it to be a place your child can be calm and settle off to sleep. This include mobile’s over cots or if your child is in a bed and is getting out of bed to play with toys in their room you may need to take the toys out of the room and remove the temptation.

Safety First


⭐️Is the room and bedding safe? If your child is in a bed and they get out is their anything they can hurt themselves on? If your child is in a cot can they reach anything from the cot? Is the cot mattress at the right level so they can not climb out? Is the cot free from bumpers and pillows. You can check out https://rednose.com.au/art…/safe-bedding-is-the-bedding-safe for more information on safe bedding.


Have a great sleep environment for your babies to have great sleep.

If you need help with your little ones sleep you can book an in home consultation, phone consultation or email consultation.  

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