So what is self settling?
Self settling is when your little one can go to bed awake and fall asleep on their own without needing you in to the room with them.
Some babies will learn to do this own their own. Some will need a little help. Some will need help to go to sleep but will then sleep all night on their own. Some will need assistance to go to sleep and then wake many times and help help to go back to sleep.
So how can you help your baby, toddler or child learn to go to sleep independently?
You need to know what they are currently needing to go to sleep. Are you rocking them, patting them, feeding them? When you know what it is you need a plan to stop this allow them to learn to settle on their own. When moving to self settling you will use a settling technique.
Holistic Approach

When working on a child’s sleep is so important to take a holistic approach. You also need to consider your child’s routine, positive sleep association, sleep hygiene and milk/food intake.

Is the routine appropriate for their age? If they are getting to much or not enough sleep it will make self settling more difficult. If nap times are to late or to early.
Do they have an age appropriate sleep association that you don’t need to be in room for? A cuddly, sleeping bag or white noise.
If their environment set up to promote great sleep? This can include something as simple as having a dark room for all sleep. You can read more information about this here.
Are they getting enough milk or food? Are they have enough of the food that can help with sleep. Food intake can have a huge impact on sleep.
Having a holistic approach ensures you are giving your child the best possible chance at self settle.
I can build a personalised plan to suit your child’s age, temperament and your family. Find more information here. 

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