A bedtime routine is a series of activities you do in the lead up to bedtime. A good bedtime routine can help your child fall asleep easier. A bedtime routine looks different for each child. Some will need a longer routine to wind down, while others will only need a short routine.

Here are some ideas for a bedtime routine –

Having a bath, brushing teeth, and going to the toilet.
Talking about your child day
Reading a book together
Singing a nursery rhyme
Turning on white noise
Putting on sleeping bag
Having a cuddle

At the end say goodnight and let your child know it is time for sleep.

It is best to keep your child bedtime routine about the same time each night. If you have a late night still do a version of the bedtime routine it just may be a little quicker or shorter.

Remember you need a bedtime routine that works for your child. Having a positive, wind down bedtime routine will make for better sleep.

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