How to Introduce a New Sibling

I often talk to parents who are getting ready to welcome a new baby into their family adn how to introduce a new sibling. The arrival of a new sibling can be a huge adjustment.

Here are some tips to assist older siblings in adapting to a new baby:

Before the Baby Arrives:
  • Open Communication: Prior to the arrival of your new bundle of joy, talk to your children about the new addition to the family. Discuss how life might change, but reassure them that your love for them will remain the same, and you will continue to make time for them. Try children’s books that address this topic to help convey the message effectively. Select a book that resonates with you and read it with your child several times, continuing to revisit it even after the new baby arrives.
Regarding the Cot:
  • Keep Them Comfortable: If you have a child still using a cot, consider leaving them in it. You may choose to acquire a second cot or borrow one to ensure your little one feels secure. The goal is to prevent them from feeling like the new baby has taken over their space.
During the First 6 Months:
  • Varied Reactions: Understand that children may react differently when the new baby arrives. Some may adjust well, while others may exhibit immediate attention-seeking behavior. Some might not react until the new baby reaches around 6 months of age. These reactions are entirely normal, as everyone is adapting to the new family dynamic. Make an effort to spend quality time with your older child, such as reading a book and sharing cuddles before bedtime. When you need to attend to the baby, refrain from saying, “I have to go take care of the baby.” Instead, use phrases like “I’m going to complete a quick task, and I’ll be back”
Give Them Responsibilities:
  • Involve Them: Encourage your older child’s involvement in activities related to the new baby whenever possible. While this may be a bit challenging, older children are often excited about their new sibling and eager to help. Identify small tasks they can handle, such as helping to clean the baby’s feet during bath time or getting a nappy for you.
Prepare Engaging Activities:
  • Activity Ideas: Keep a few simple, age-appropriate activities ready for your older children to enjoy independently while you tend to the needs of the new baby. Ideas include water painting, building with blocks, providing a bucket of assorted toys, or allowing them to watch age-appropriate television programs like ABC Kids (channel 22, if you were wondering). Having these activities on hand will prove invaluable during times when you’re putting the baby to bed or attending to feeding.

By implementing these strategies, you can help create a smoother transition for your older children as they welcome and adjust to the presence of their new sibling in the family.

Are you about to welcome a new baby, I would love to hear about it.

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