Dummies can be a sensational soother for our newborns, the sucking reflex is soothing for newborns. Dummies can be great especially for babies with colic. Once babies get to 12-16 weeks they no longer have the reflex is no longer present, this is a great time to ditch the dummy. Getting rid of the dummy can prevent or stop night waking where parents need to replace the dummy which can happen many times a night. For naps it can help with cat napping and self-settling as baby is needing parents to replace the dummy. If you decide to keep the dummy that is perfectly fine, you may just need to help your little one replace it. 
When your baby is 7/8 months you can teach them to replace it themselves. Spend some time while they are awake practicing.

You teach them how to find it themselves, you can do this over a week doing each step for 2-3 days.
⭐️Step one put the dummy in their hand and help them guide it to their mouth.
⭐️ Step two put the dummy in their hand and allow him to put it in their mouth themselves.
⭐️Finally during the night when they wake instead of putting the dummy in their mouth put the dummy next to them and tap the mattress where the dummy is and encourage them to find it themselves.
You can also try a Sleepytot to hold multiple dummies or tie a square of muslin to each dummy to make it easier to find overnight.

I would love to hear do you use a dummy with your bub? When did you ditch the dummy?

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